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Stitch By Mi is a small home based family business located in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi, I am Mimi. I live in the south-east suburb of Melbourne with my husband and two of our kids, a daughter and a son.

I have learned sewing during my youth life, but didn't continue with it. And then last year in 2020 during the long lockdown in Victoria, when I am trying to sew some masks for my family, I found my passion in sewing again.

Since then I have been sewing a lot of masks (of course), handmade gifts and clothes.
And with a lot of encouragement from family and friends, I decided to share my handmade items with you all.

I mostly make Hanging Kitchen Towel or Hand Towel Topper, my most best selling products. Because being a mum, I want to create something unique that I can use at my own home, that bring fun to my kitchen.

And because being a mum, I like to tie my hair all the time to get that messy hair away, that's why I started making scrunchies and then one day my sister asked me to make for her an oversized satin scrunchie, that's how my XXL Scrunchie was born, and now they are one of my best seller items.

All of my products are handcrafted and designed by me with so much care to ensure the optimal quality. I just love what I do.
So I hope you will love all of my handcrafted products as much as I do love making them.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support to my small home-based sewing handmade business. I truly appreciate it ❤❤

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